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[Popular handcuffs item] handcuffs wallet chain First Label

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Product Description

Wallet chain with handcuffs to the motif.
Overlaid with even coolness double !!
Because one by one come off, decompose
Or try to necklace and bracelet
Or try to bag of accessories
You can also or use in decoration as a boot strap.

Speaking of rock and punk visual kei items
ALGONQUINS and SEX POT but is famous,
Also it offers a lot of these items to the First Label ♪
Mensupa · ageha model also has products they know and love.

Algonquin / sex pot / SEXY DYNAMITE LONDON /
Come check !! is Hellcat Punks / KERA / love punk

★ V system and I’m rock / Me Beautiful is a must-see item to help lady you want to decide to cool.

☆ size ☆
Handcuffs size
Horizontal: 2.7cm
Vertical: 3.2cm

Overall: 68cm (Handcuffs: seven)


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