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▼We will let you order ask on the consent Please read carefully before purchase.▼

Sorry to trouble you, but If you have any questions, but thank you for your questions and inquiries before ordering.

About Price

The our regular price, sold price price of at the actual store.

About product

Product by the convenience of processing, change some specifications and parts,Some products, for the convenience of processing, change of some specifications and parts, and a fine crack at the time of processing,some of the difference between the size that is represented, also, there is the case that there is a slight difference in the sequence, etc.of parts I, but for those of about Sashitsukaenai to use, we have been in the range of inspection. Please note.

About stone

Because there is a difference in one by one, there is also such a slight deviation. But it may come off and will be rough handled, please note.

About Pearl and natural stone

For Pearl and natural stone is not artificial, in color, texture, shape, etc.,because there is every single difference, please note.

●Cooking and washing, bathing, hot spring, at the time of leisure at the seaside, please remove your accessories.

●During storage, fire, high temperature or excessive moisture, direct sunlight, etc., please keep out of the reach of children and pets.

●Because of the size of the catalog is about the size, please forgive some errors.

For all of the products that I received your purchase in our shop

After the delivery, please use at your own risk.

Regard to damage stain, color fading and discoloration, loss, etc. after your purchase,the shop can not assume all the responsibilities. Please buy your consent.

For accessories and miscellaneous goods and apparel products

On the manufacturing process, scratches, dirt, discoloration,there are times when the sewing of the disturbance, the print of the disturbance, can be seen.

About watches

●With regard to fashion watches we use a test battery in the range to check the operation.

●With regard to the remaining amount of the battery Please note that can not be confirmed in our company.

●With regard to products such as wallet chain key chain it is manufactured on the assumption that you use it as a fashion.

●Please note that check and durability such as hardness, pressure, and attraction will not assume also with regard to the responsibility of the loss, etc. associated with it exchange and of goods due to damage is not therefore in our products.

●It will be with low prices and the center of the commodity. Excuse me, but along with the say ask that you please refrain from the nervous one purchase, thank you become is you like to your request in advance on your note.

■Precautions for use, etc.

●High temperature of the location of the sauna, etc., or the use of accessories or the like in the cold land of ski resorts and the like, is, burns, it may cause frostbite, please stop.

●Sports, heavy lifting, bathing, cooking, going to bed, take care of the children, such as the time of nursing care, because there is a case where harm to the body, please remove your accessories.

●Swallowed the accessories and the parts such as accidentally children and pets,or make sure that they do not or injured by accessories and its parts, etc., please be careful enough.

●Discontinue use immediately if the abnormality in the skin has appeared by the use of the product, please consult your doctor.

●Products metal name has not been referred to, and, with respect to the portion of the commodity, we use the bracket which has been subjected to plating.

●Fitting plated processing, there is a case that contains the metal that is particularly likely to cause a metal allergy, such as nickel.

●Since the metal that causes the allergic reaction is different in the individual, please choose the product that suits your own constitution.

●Things and products of scratches of sharp shapes depending on the product and parts, because there is also the case that post-processing such as Bali has not been subjected may damage the human body, please be sure to check before use.

●Injuries caused by products, with regard to the trouble of allergy, etc., can not assume any in our responsibility.