For returned and exchanged | インポート アクセサリー&アパレル セレクトショップ「First Label」

■About returned goods

Return your exchanged by the customer convenience is not received.

※Initial defect concerning up to 2 days from the commodity arrival day (except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

※With regard to the initial failure – you only correspondence exchange with the non-defective product.

※Returns will be accepted only ones here also you contact uswithin only one week after arrival those unopened.

※Exchange of initial failure will be accepted only unused goods.

※About returned goods shipping and handling of,thank you like you pay by the customer.

※Outer box of the goods arrival time (outer bag) after opening can not accept your return.

※By any chance, If your contact has been returned goods without any goods,even with regard to the return postage will be borne by the customer therefore please note.

※The case of returned goods exchange of contact you by e-mail, as there is no trouble,such as e-mail is not delivered, thank you like you will configuration changes toreceive permission always de domain specification of the release or

※Your order by e-mail facilities are returned or exchanged is becoming absolutely not allowed.

■About refund

Returned goods commodity arrival after the verifying 3 will transfer the business day within your designated account.

▼Returns Contact▼

Phone number:06-6241-7227

Return address:Osaka Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Nishi-Shinsaibashi 1-6-22

The person in charge:Nobuhiro Otani 

■To order minors

Your order from the minors, you must have the consent of a parent or guardian.

It assumes that there is a consent of a parent or guardian at the time I received your order.

※If you have not obtained the consent of a parent or guardian is,thank you for your attention as you do not imperative your order.

■For cooling-off

“Cooling-off” is a system to be applied to the door-to-door sales and specific industries.

In communication sales, does not have the application of the cooling-off is mandatory.

Because of our communication sales get access from the customer,cooling-off system is because it does not apply, please understand.