Privacy policy | インポート アクセサリー&アパレル セレクトショップ「First Label」

First Label (hereinafter, referred to as the Company), the Company management, in providing a variety of sites and services to operate, established the following matters concerning the management of personal information entrusted to us by our customers, to keep doing this we will declare a.

1. Order to obtain personal information, to identify as much as possible the purpose of use, will acquire the personal information to the extent necessary to achieve that purpose. 

2. Use of personal information is done within the scope of the purposes of use. 

  In addition, because it is not done out-of-target use, take the necessary measures, will be conducted. 

3. If you want to obtain personal information, our company name, personal information protection administrator name and contact information, in addition to inform the purpose of use, etc., it will acquire the personal information in the required range. 

4. For personal information, if you are prompted for a disclosure of its information from the person, by get contact the inquiry window, we will respond promptly.

5. For personal information, if you are denied the provision to users or any third party for the self of information than the person, we will respond by get contact our inquiry window.

6. Complaints and inquiries about personal information, will be dealt with by get contact our inquiry window. 

7.To manage personal information in an appropriate manner, we will not provide disclosure, to third parties without the consent of the individual. 

8. Depending personal information to use purpose, within the required range, managed by the accurate and up-to-date, leakage to such personal information, take reasonable safety measures, will strive to prevent and correct. 

9. If you want to entrust the processing of personal information to the outside, so as not to provide to the leakage or a third party, the appropriate management required by the contract, will be conducted.

10.Laws and regulations that apply to personal information, the guidelines and other norms established by the country, will comply.

First Label

representative Nobuhiro Otani